To improve water quality across the watershed by promoting Beneficial Management Practices that are practical for farmers and beneficial to the environment.


The Carrot River Watershed Agri-Environmental Group Plan (CRW AEGP) was established in 2010 to assist producers that farm within the Carrot River Watershed area with applications to the Canada-Saskatchewan Farm Stewardship Program (CSFSP) for the implementation of Beneficial Management Practices (BMPs) on their farms.  The CRW AEGP also had, and continues to maintain, a strong mandate to increase awareness of watershed and environmental issues that co-relate to farming practices. 

In April 2013, the CRW AEGP joined the Carrot River Valley Watershed Association Inc. (CRVWA).  The CRVWA is the non-profit, source water protection organization for the Carrot River Watershed area, and is dedicated to protecting and preserving the Carrot River Watershed through education and awareness.   This partnership provides the opportunity for both groups to reach a broader audience, share resources, promote agriculture awareness and farm stewardship, work co-operatively on agricultural based projects, and collaborate to protect and preserve the watershed.  The CRW AEGP operates as a subcommittee of the CRVWA and continues to work directly with producers in the watershed to assist with applications and access to technical support for BMP projects through the Farm Stewardship Program and Farm & Ranch Water Infrastructure Program.   

Since the implementation of the CRW AEGP in 2010, the CRW AEGP has submitted project applications on behalf of producers worth an estimated total value of almost $1,141,200.00.   In addition to these applications, the CRW AEGP has produced 16 newsletters/flyers, 6 brochures, 12 producer workshops, and participated in various local events and trade shows.  For more information, contact the AEGP Technician at 306-920-8166 or crwatershedaegp@gmail.com

For more information about AEGPs in Saskatchewan, please visit http://www.agriculture.gov.sk.ca/FSP-AGEP